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Inside a Child’s Mind: The Touchpoints of Development


From birth, children bring their own unique contributions to their development. Children’s temperaments, individual competencies, and cultures all influence  the child’s experience of themselves in their process of development and their experience of the people and the world around them.  In this workshop series, we explore children’s perspectives on their own developmental process from birth through preschool.

Course Format:

Each 90-minute live, interactive workshop will take place on the Thursdays listed below. All sessions will begin at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT. Sessions will be recorded, and live Spanish translation and closed captioning will be available.

  • February 15 – The Child’s Contributions to their Developmental Process
    • There are key influences upon a child’s developmental process and their experience of those processes that we can deeply understand in order to best support a child’s developmental potential and well-being. Explore these key drivers behind developmental process and the role that disorganization and regression plays in a child’s developmental agenda in the context of culture and relationships.
  • February 22 – Inside a Baby’s Mind: The Touchpoints of Infancy
    • Babies come into this world with skills designed to form the relationships that are necessary for their development.  Explore what development from newborn through 12 months is like for the baby and what we can do to best support their unique experience.
  • February 29 – Inside a Toddler’s Mind: The Touchpoints of Toddlerhood
    • Toddlers have developed the capacity to have their own ideas and the skills to act upon them as they look to become independent and do it “all by myself”.  Developing “self-control” by getting “out of control” is a challenge for everyone involved. Explore what development is like for a toddler and what we can do to best support their unique experience.
  • March 7 – Inside a Preschooler’s Mind: The Touchpoints of Preschool
    • With their new capacities, preschoolers are both fascinating and overwhelming at the same time.  Learning to internalize rules and adult limits by “breaking” those rules is challenging for all involved. Explore from a preschooler’s perspective what development is like and what we can do to best support their unique experience.

# of hours:

6 clock hours – certificates will be provided at the end of the series


Professionals who work with young children, including early care educators, family child care providers, mental health consultants, home visitors, pediatricians, early interventionists, and more.


  • Mindy May, Director of Partnerships and Professional Development

Hosted by Brazelton Touchpoints Center

Thu 15 - February 2024
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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Additional Information:

To register, please click here: https://learn.brazeltontouchpoints.org/catalog/inside-a-childs-mind-the-touchpoints-of-development-feb-2024/#tab-description